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Bzz Bzz...Burts Bees....Bzz

First, what the heck is a bzzagent?  Go HERE to find out if you want. Otherwise we'll get to the meat of the story.

Personally I love talking about products.  I cannot talk enough about things I love and have done so at great annoying length previously on this blog in exchange for nothing. Zero. Nada. I even dished out over $100 on Vichy lotion (no lie) just because I like it that much.  To actually try something without such a ding to my wallet each time is perfect for me so that's why I became a Bzzagent.

I've had a few campaigns so far but I haven't felt the need to talk about some of them but I finally got a few beauty ones and oh boy, I love getting free beauty products in the mail. I don't even have to leave my house and deal with my cute but mischievous child getting antsy in a shopping cart.  Plus my coworkers LOVE me because they get a ton of free samples and coupons without having to join or sign up for anything at all. 

I got into the Burts Bees Sensiti…