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Online Harassment

I'm not really that fond of people who just use news stories as their posts because I think it's sort of a cop out but this was something I honestly found really interesting.

And rather than recapping it I'll just put in my two cents about it. Yes, I think when you willingly put yourself on a public platform you have to expect a certain amount of...trolling and idiocy.  No, I don't think it's fair that there's a disgustingly high proportion of individuals who feel its their right to sexually objectify you and because they are on the internet think that you should therefore brush it off/ignore it/grow a thicker skin/get a sense of humor.  It's easy to say any of those things but it's quite another to DO it.

Last time I checked no one grew a thick skin overnight.  And last time I checked even though there's a lot more education about "internet saf…

Own your inner slut

Slut-shaming.  Younger-me is so guilty of this, but I have to give myself a little slack because younger me was also rather ignorant of the real world because I was very very very sheltered.  It's easy to judge women even when you are one and you should know better than to cut down your own people but we're all guilty of it and now that I have a little more life experience a little more perspective and just time I get it.  I really, REALLY get it.

In the news more recently there was a Toronto policeman who stated there would be less rapes if women dressed less provocatively. 17 year old me would have probably said, sure that makes sense.  But the problem is that I spent so much time being told by my well intentioned parents that boys are disgusting sex driven beings that instead of placing the blame on their nature we place it on the victims of rape instead and that's a flawed system.  Blaming the victim once she is made a victim doesn't change the rapist.  It doesn&#…

Like that time I wiped my butt

Internet, I cut my hair.

Lacking a twitter or an instagram you probably had no idea and probably didn't care. I typically don't care when other people go to the barber or shave or eat food or wipe their bottoms or have a cold either. Actually I especially don't care when people have colds. I would prefer you keep even the notion of illness far far away.

I mention it because it's my 2nd time donating hair and THIS time I was prepared. In case you aren't the photographic memory type I donated about 6 years ago.  (And yes, I went from a short 'do all the way to long again in that short a span of time.) I had all my stuff ready. I had a rubber band on my wrist ready for the ponytail making so I could shove that hair in the plastic zip bag I had ready so it wouldn't get yucky or wet. I also even had the mailing envelope ready with the address to mail it to already on the front.  I felt well prepared to give up my hair and happy that there would be no dilly dally…

The one about eyebrows

Random beauty nugget

Latisse applied to one's eyebrows will help sparse eyebrows grow back in after years of overplucking in the 90's.

Is your mind as blown as mine?!

I was not allowed to overpluck my eyebrows by my mother (who was in charge of such complicated things for teenage me who was too confused and inexperienced to be trusted with such tasks) plus the caterpillars that grew on my face were painful enough to manage without the agony of ripping several hundred more hairs into those surprised rainbows that Kate Moss made so popular.  However, many people in my generation are left with sparse eyebrows because eventually your follicles rebel and stop growing back.

I was a super hairy teenager.  I look back and wonder what the big deal was since I spend all of five seconds maintaining my eyebrows now but at the time I spent a long time taking deep breathes trying to manage the excruciating pain of those hairs being ripped out and my eyes watering in agony. Truly it felt l…

Can it Cover this Girl and Outlast this life?

Dudes...did you know I'm not a big makeup wearer?  I've tried at various points in my life to snazzy up with a little lipstick and a little powder but I am about 95% of the time completely without any true foundation type makeup because a.) makeup takes time and I'd rather be sleeping b.) it feels weird for people who don't wear makeup everyday to suddenly wear makeup.  I do like buying makeup at the drugstore oddly enough. I like looking at beautiful packaging and I especially love a nice tube of lipstick. Nothing perks me up like a new lippy.  Not lip gloss, not lip stain, not lip balm...just old fashioned stick to your teeth lipstick. I love it.

However now that I'm getting older I admit that I need a little advantage in my court. Those long nights have caught up to me comforting my fussy younger child (my elder child was a dream so for all of you thinking about number two just remember that. I preemptively curse you just as I was also preemptively cursed. Now t…

Until now, I always got by on my own

Being a mom is interesting. Aside from the poop and boogers and vomit and strange objects scattered throughout my house the mere act of being takes a good amount of adjustment. For me in particular I am a loner. I like being alone. I like being with my thoughts. I am a classic textbook boring introvert.  I'm not shy, I'm not timid, I just like being alone because being alone is comforting and relaxing and recharging and I don't have to worry about being judged for saying the wrong thing, wearing the wrong thing, or being "too much" of whatever is not desirable to others.

But when you're a mother you are never alone.  I have kids hanging off me from the moment I wake up until the moment I can finally allow my head to hit my pillow.  When my children are at my parents house I worry about them being fed garbage for 3 hours and then having to talk them down from their sugar induced insanity.  When I am at work I worry about if my husband remembered to pack our s…

Yo, Veggies!

Saint Patrick's Day means something distinct to Irish Americans and anyone on a college campus where green beer is fun, but to me?  It means Kim Chi making time due to the deep discounts on cabbage.  Normal Kim Chi has Napa Cabbage but I actually prefer common white cabbage because it's much crunchier as it sits and ferments.  I like normal Kim Chi too but after a few months hanging around the back of my fridge it's so wilted there's no crunch left.  Mind you, it's still totally fine and edible as is the magical nature of Kim Chi, a food which hard core Koreans would dig holes in their backyard, throw their jars of Kim Chi into said holes and allow to ferment out where it wouldn't have to stink up their house. The only problem with making it involves cutting it up so it's a good chop stick consuming size because I am kind of unfocused now that I have two ankle biters running wild in my kitchen.  Today I tripped on a dump truck in the kitchen and almost died…

Ramen Soup

One of my new fascinations is ramen.  I know I'm like 10 years late on this since I'm so far removed from college but I never really needed to eat ramen as an undergrad.  Between my meal plan, sandwiches and salads-to-go and the mountain of snacks I hoarded under my bed, eating ramen seemed silly.  Why even bother? I'm talking things imported from Japan and Korea and Indonesia.  I've paid $3 for one packet of ramen and I'll tell you right now...I'd do it again.  It was so good. Normally I don't eat ramen. all because it's obviously not health food, but my husband is not much for cooking and if I get sick I have to make my own sick-people-soup.  I clearly cannot be trusted to cook a good meal if I'm dribbling germs all over so ramen is usually my first choice followed by crock pot cooking and chinese take out.  But ramen is nice and soupy and hot and fast.

My current case (and yes, I buy it by the case because it's cheaper and easier t…