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Can it Cover this Girl and Outlast this life?

Dudes...did you know I'm not a big makeup wearer?  I've tried at various points in my life to snazzy up with a little lipstick and a little powder but I am about 95% of the time completely without any true foundation type makeup because a.) makeup takes time and I'd rather be sleeping b.) it feels weird for people who don't wear makeup everyday to suddenly wear makeup.  I do like buying makeup at the drugstore oddly enough. I like looking at beautiful packaging and I especially love a nice tube of lipstick. Nothing perks me up like a new lippy.  Not lip gloss, not lip stain, not lip balm...just old fashioned stick to your teeth lipstick. I love it.

However now that I'm getting older I admit that I need a little advantage in my court. Those long nights have caught up to me comforting my fussy younger child (my elder child was a dream so for all of you thinking about number two just remember that. I preemptively curse you just as I was also preemptively cursed. Now t…