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Like that time I wiped my butt

Internet, I cut my hair.

Lacking a twitter or an instagram you probably had no idea and probably didn't care. I typically don't care when other people go to the barber or shave or eat food or wipe their bottoms or have a cold either. Actually I especially don't care when people have colds. I would prefer you keep even the notion of illness far far away.

I mention it because it's my 2nd time donating hair and THIS time I was prepared. In case you aren't the photographic memory type I donated about 6 years ago.  (And yes, I went from a short 'do all the way to long again in that short a span of time.) I had all my stuff ready. I had a rubber band on my wrist ready for the ponytail making so I could shove that hair in the plastic zip bag I had ready so it wouldn't get yucky or wet. I also even had the mailing envelope ready with the address to mail it to already on the front.  I felt well prepared to give up my hair and happy that there would be no dilly dally…

The one about eyebrows

Random beauty nugget

Latisse applied to one's eyebrows will help sparse eyebrows grow back in after years of overplucking in the 90's.

Is your mind as blown as mine?!

I was not allowed to overpluck my eyebrows by my mother (who was in charge of such complicated things for teenage me who was too confused and inexperienced to be trusted with such tasks) plus the caterpillars that grew on my face were painful enough to manage without the agony of ripping several hundred more hairs into those surprised rainbows that Kate Moss made so popular.  However, many people in my generation are left with sparse eyebrows because eventually your follicles rebel and stop growing back.

I was a super hairy teenager.  I look back and wonder what the big deal was since I spend all of five seconds maintaining my eyebrows now but at the time I spent a long time taking deep breathes trying to manage the excruciating pain of those hairs being ripped out and my eyes watering in agony. Truly it felt l…