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Crochet and things

Lots of things have happened between my last post and now but rather than try to smush all of my life events into a rushed paragraph, let's talk about crocheting stuff.

I've never been much for crafty activities.  I like painting and drawing and ceramics. I'm an artistically inclined person but I just don't like crafts such as scrapbooking, modge podge and taking tiny beads and stringing them together to form jewelry.  I feel like most of the female people I talk to on any given day like at least one craft related activity that has never even flickered a speck of interest in me.  But the one thing that makes me even mildly interested in crochet is I love random character/critter themed knitwear and so do my kids.  Not that I would wear a pig shaped hat but my kids think it's hilarious and amazing.  Plus for some reason people all around me seem to be doing it and I'm starting to wonder what's so great about it.  A SAHM down the street sells her crochet good…