Saturday, May 26, 2007

Engagement Jitters

I'm flip flopping between being really excited that I'm engaged and being completely and totally overwhelmed by the very idea of planning a wedding.

Trevor seems totally un-phased, but then again he's had months to get used to the idea. In the back of my head, while I always knew we'd end up together I did not anticipate it being anytime soon. Sure, he was acting really weird the past few months trying to get all the ring details done on the sly. He admits it took 3 months to find the ideal ring mount since I had shown him what I felt was my "dream ring" and apparently it does not exist where we live.

I don't need for any other ring; it's very much the perfect ring for me, although it's impossible to take a photo of. It took 10 tries just to get that one and it doesn't quite do it justice; Trevor insists we try again later since his coworkers want a picture.

My parents are on vacation so I can't bug my mom about wedding stuff right now. I really feel like I need a wedding mentor because I really don't know where to begin for an Asian wedding. I don't think that it'll be particularly fun to plan this. It'll be fun to pick out a dress, wedding bands, and put together the little wedding favors...but menu picking, and finding addresses to send invitations to do not excite me.

We'd prefer a September wedding, but since we're still in the early phases of planning I think that we're flexible and would consider October too so we could have the beautiful Autumn leaves.

I told Kim yesterday in person about the engagement and she was over the moon. She already started listing off a bunch of recommendations for places since she's been a bridesmaid a half dozen times by now and has been through the motions more often than I have. I've yet to be anyone's bridesmaid in fact so I'm a little surprised that among my close friends I'm going to walk down the aisle first.

My family will expect Chinese food at the wedding; I really don't have too many options in that particular area. And Trevor's okay with that as long as we can also have sushi. I don't know how much a sushi chef is, but I suppose we'll figure that out in the coming months.