Monday, May 14, 2007

Pre-Trip Cleaning

I didn't do much cooking today. Mostly I cleaned up after Chowder, Trevor's old dog. I say old because Trevor's mom gave him back to the people who bred him since she's been a nomad in recent years and hasn't been able to take care of Chowder quite the way she wanted to. Trevor missed him so he had him stay over with us for a few days.

In any case, Chowder is a red lab and he's the sweetest dog. It's absolutely not a bother to have him, even in our small apartment because he's quite content to just lay on the floor and be pet all day long. And like any dog he sheds like it's his job so I spent my morning vacuuming since Trevor gave him back this morning.

And after my morning of cleaning I went to the mall to try and make use of a coupon I had. (Yes, I'm that person with the coupons and I'm okay with it.) And I bought some of my favorite face cream, Vichy. I swear by the stuff.

When I got back my favorite old roomie Emily emailed me about a character reference for her new apartment in NYC. So of course I agreed to write one because she's my friend and I love her very dearly. She's being kicked out of her existing place after a lot of drama since the building got sold and the new owner's selling Emily's unit.

Being a nervous Nelly, I spent at least an hour pouring over my written reference about Emily. I didn't want to be too casual lest the leasing people think I was mildly retarded and I didn't want to be too formal because it wouldn't seem sincere. Fast forward three hours and Emily says she signed her new lease! I like to think my stunningly well thought out reference had something to do with it. Once she gets settled in I'll have to visit and see the new place.

In food related news I made a fantastic smoothie out of my homemade raspberry strawberry sorbet and some pineapple/mango juice I had. The result was a slightly tart but refreshing slushy drink that was only improved with the addition of some Cruzan Mango Rum. Then again, how can anything not be improved by a splash of rum?

I'm up late for once because I'm trying to slowly adapt to Japanese time. I don't really like it because there's nothing on worth watching but it's nice to have some solitary time.