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The Wedding Gown

Imagine my surprise that I actually bought my wedding gown today.

I can't find a picture of the exact dress, but rest assured that it's THE dress. Plus for the sake of surprise it would be in bad taste to show anyone (other than Kim since she was there when I bought it).

Apart from being a few sizes much too large for me the sample they had was ideal. It was probably the 7th or 8th dress I tried on today. After I figured out which one I liked best (I was very specific about what I did not like so it made it pretty easy), I asked how much it'd cost, and I suppose that it was destined to be because it was the last one they had and it was heavily discounted so I was obliged to buy it. I would regret it forever if I didn't grab it up today. And if for whatever reason I changed my mind I could very easily afford a second dress.

So I was in and out pretty quickly. Kim on the other hand tried on at least twice as many dresses as I did. But it was very fun. I personally…

Dinner with Kim

I just got back from dinner and shopping with Kim.

Now that she's single she's a heck of a lot more available to hang out with. It was pretty fun though we didn't meet any boys for her. Ahem, I mean men for her.

But anyway, tomorrow is dress shopping day. =) Kim invited me out on Saturday with some of her new pals but I'm going to Trevor's cousin Chris' graduation party since we already RSVP-ed weeks ago. Plus it'll be nice to see the Medford side of Trevor's family. Oh and Devin (Trevor's younger brother) is coming up from Philly for the occasion and I haven't seen him since Thanksgiving.

I think Trevor's family is great; plus it'll be nice to see everyone now that they all know we're engaged. Clearly every family has their quirks, but overall I think that everyone on Trevor's side has been nothing but nice to me. I know my family is a tad more frigid to Trevor, but I think it's just hard when a lot of the older ones do…

Engagement Party/Six Flags

So I think after having slept on it that I agree that Kim and Mat need (at very least) some time apart to get their acts together and get their priorities in check.

I'm an eensy bit sad that I'm not single and able to be single with Kim again. I don't miss being single and meeting loser after loser but I miss how close she and I were. I miss the endless weekends together going to the beach, or shopping, or going dancing and getting all dolled up.

You can't go back in history though, and I wish her the best with the latest round of dating. I think it's a little different when you're young because you have such big social networks. As I get older my network gets smaller and smaller, but then again I've become a bit of a homebody. Partially that's my own fault. I think Kim's a bit better off if only because she's a lot more social than I am and she's much nicer. lol

The engagement party Saturday went well. I didn't really get any wedding plann…

Kim's Breakup

I'm a little sad that my best friend Kim has broken up with her boyfriend of three years.

I secretly hope they get back together, but part of me has known that they just weren't on the same page about a lot of "big stuff" like moving in together, getting married, money...etc. And you can work by a lot of dissimilarities but those are pretty essential ones for a long term relationship to prosper.

We just got back from having some Indian food with her at The Garden in Agawam, MA. They have great Indian food; some of the best I've had, plus it's a nice warm environment. I think it was nice for us (and Trevor) to relax and chat. We talked about her breakup a little bit, but honestly for a person who just broke up she seemed pretty together.

The last time I had a breakup with someone I had been together with for over a year I was in a catatonic state for a week, I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep...I cried all the time. I was basically a mess and though I d…


I finally got offered that job in installation I was interviewing for. I start in July, but not after having to train a successor and tying up any loose ends.

I'm glad to make the shift since I've long since lost my zest for coming into work everyday. Plus, I figure that with all the other life changes on the docket that I can easily take on one more in stride. I'm going to be a married woman; it's time I start taking more control over my future. And it never hurts to pocket some extra dough that comes with a raise.

I opened a CD this past weekend at my local bank. I figure that I should try to make at least a little more interest on my savings since I'm inevitably planning to spend it for a very specific occasion at a very specific time and I have a little time to play around with.

I also went to the Cape with Trevor. His best childhood friend Tyler was up for the weekend at the Cape and was throwing a party that he invited us to. Ty's a really good gu…

I had a Blonde Moment

Wow, I totally forgot about a week. My engagement party is NEXT Saturday, not this one. (phew)

Oyama Restaurant Enfield CT

Oyama Japanese Restaurant in Enfield CT: 2 Stars (at least for the sushi)

This new establishment is actually a split restaurant, part seafood restaurant (Jason's) and part Japanese with hibachi grills. Again, I only had the sushi so my review is solely a result of the fish being lackluster, the spicy rolls having far and away too much scallion (what the heck is scallion doing in a spicy tuna roll?) and the rolls themselves being teeny tiny. I haven't tried the hibachi items at all, but if their seafood restaurant items are as bad as the sushi fish then I don't look forward to trying it.

Apart from the uninspiring sushi, the decor is sparse at best and even though it's two restaurants, there's no separation between the two and it ends up looking like a vacuous cavern. It's not a place to impress a date for sure. But Trevor and I are sushi addicts and figured that it was worth a shot to try it, sadly it's so bad it's not worth trying again. Maybe the h…

Engagement Party

So far, I'm having a little difficulty skimming down my guest list.

Trevor does not want any more than 100 people to feed and entertain, and I think that it's impossible. At best I'll be able to get the guestlist down to around 130 and that's a very conservative total.

It's not as though I have a lot of friends. Kim and a few residual high school friends are still in the area so we're all friends still, but as for everyone's a little more gray.

I'd love to invite everyone that I care about, but the fact of the matter is that it's not fiscally sound to do so. Plus my parents have to invite apparently half the world because we're related to every other vietnamese person in the greater hartford area. I kid, but it's pretty ridiculous nonetheless since I have over a dozen cousins. That's not even including aunts and uncles and friends of family that have known me since I was in diapers.

My engagement party is this Saturday. It'…

MySpace? The Hell you say

I finally did it.
I broke down and set up a MySpaceaccount.
Mind you, I'm the last person on earth not to have one and even movies and inanimate creatures have MySpace accounts so I'm way behind the curve. But I figure it's a good way to spread the good word about my engagement, and it seems as though none of my friends are ever on AIM anymore in favor of messaging one another over Myspace.
I don't really "get it" right now. The format is obnoxious and confusing to me, with too many banners and advertisements. I much prefer blogging here. But Trevor helped me change some of the settings thankfully. I think I would have been clicking around in circles for hours otherwise.
I had a drink and snack with Kim and Mat at our local TGIFridays. Trevor and Mat talked guy stuff and Kim and I talked wedding stuff. Overall I think it was fun, though Kim and Trevor clearly do not agree about wedding planning and the related costs.

Trevor is of the mind that everythi…

The Invitations

Ring is back and it fits! Yay!

We went to the local Gem Jewelry instead of the people Trevor got the ring from because they're in town. Also, the other folks said it'd take 10-15 days to get my ring sized. How ridiculous is that? It cannot possibly take anywhere near that long to get a ring sized. Gem Jewelry did it in less than one day and they said it'd usually take only three hours if it was a half size difference, but since it was a little more it'd take time to get the stones tightened after the sizing.

Trevor also wants to get our bands there. I'm okay with that since they're so nice.

I also found some invitations that I liked a lot. The overall style is simple and colorful but it has an interesting detail. Plus it's green, so it'll coordinate with the wedding.

Wedding bands: check.
Invitation style: check.
Color scheme for wedding: check.
Bridesmaids dresses: check.
Attendant Gifts: check.
Wedding favor ideas: check.

We just need a place to get marr…

Skinny Fingers

I miss my ring. I haven't lost it mind you, but we did have it dropped off to be sized because while I was valiantly hanging on to it, it was sadly a little roomy and I was worried it might get lost. (It's a 7 and I'm a 6...well, the jeweler said I should get it in a 5.5 but I decided against it.)

Since I've been working out with Trevor I feel like I'm a little thinner, but not necessarily in the places where I wanted to get thinner. An example of which being my fingers. Also my reflection shows my legs looking a little..."chicken-like" which isn't exactly what I'm going for but eventually my body will adjust. And since I'm in a period of body flux I don't want to get my ring sized too small in case I get a little plumper.

I'm also finally getting some feedback from my parents who still think that I shouldn't be worrying about wedding planning, but nonetheless they're asking cousins and family about caterers and prices for me. Ul…

1st Gown Try

Some time without a post now; I'm really trying to keep this up to date.

In any case, I have a few general ideas about my wedding but so far I haven't hit a home run and completed a task in full. lol I went dress browsing with Kim yesterday. I think that I've decided I'm not a ballgown huge fluffy skirt kinda girl. I really want something more fitted and classic looking but not plain. I tried on a few things at the local David's Bridal and my helper girl didn't seem to have an idea of what I was going for, so I ended up trying a bunch of things that I wasn't 100% about.

I don't think I'm a ruffles, lace, beads and gems kinda girl. I just want a clean looking dress that is flattering for my shape. I don't want to hide under 20 lbs of fluff. Then again we only really hit up one store so far, and in the journey to find the perfect dress it may take a good many more trips. I'm thin enough to be lucky to have a number of options available t…