1st Gown Try

Some time without a post now; I'm really trying to keep this up to date.

In any case, I have a few general ideas about my wedding but so far I haven't hit a home run and completed a task in full. lol I went dress browsing with Kim yesterday. I think that I've decided I'm not a ballgown huge fluffy skirt kinda girl. I really want something more fitted and classic looking but not plain. I tried on a few things at the local David's Bridal and my helper girl didn't seem to have an idea of what I was going for, so I ended up trying a bunch of things that I wasn't 100% about.

I don't think I'm a ruffles, lace, beads and gems kinda girl. I just want a clean looking dress that is flattering for my shape. I don't want to hide under 20 lbs of fluff. Then again we only really hit up one store so far, and in the journey to find the perfect dress it may take a good many more trips. I'm thin enough to be lucky to have a number of options available that would look nice on me, but I'm really trying to find THE dress.

The only real benefit of having a David's Bridal dress is that they'll discount the price for the bridesmaid dresses and a few other random services. It's kind of like the Target of wedding gowns. Kim and I have on our radar so far two other bridal stores to hit up. One in West Hartford and one in Agawam. For the sake of convenience I hope I find my dress in Agawam since it's only 15 minutes away. I could also attempt to get a better assistant at David's Bridal and bring in a picture of my vision so they could at least try to order it in for me to see.

I'm still convinced that green and yellow would be ideal bridesmaids colors. So far it looks to be my final choice.

I still have to talk to my mom about invitees and engagement party stuff. I truly dread it though. I love my mom, but I don't really like working with her on anything. But narrowing down the guest list will enable me to figure out how many heads will be there and what reception sites would be able to accommodate it. Though I'm currently estimating about 200 invitations will probably need to be issued, I also don't know if my mother (and father for that matter) have a million other relatives that they feel obliged to invite.

I'm not terribly concerned right now about money. I haven't really spent anything yet, so it's easy not to worry about. lol I'm a little worried about finding a site to have the reception but since Emily reminded me that her father could perform weddings (he's a judge) it took a little of the edge off in terms of trying to find someone to marry us. Neither of us are religious. And although Trevor grew up Catholic he never got confirmed and I think that the Catholic church in particular wouldn't tolerate that.

So I think unfortunately I can't hold off chatting to my mom about invitees because some reception sites have waiting lists of like a year and I don't want to be the lone bride who waited too long to get her sh*t together and had to get married at the Ramada Inn.

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