Skinny Fingers

I miss my ring. I haven't lost it mind you, but we did have it dropped off to be sized because while I was valiantly hanging on to it, it was sadly a little roomy and I was worried it might get lost. (It's a 7 and I'm a 6...well, the jeweler said I should get it in a 5.5 but I decided against it.)

Since I've been working out with Trevor I feel like I'm a little thinner, but not necessarily in the places where I wanted to get thinner. An example of which being my fingers. Also my reflection shows my legs looking a little..."chicken-like" which isn't exactly what I'm going for but eventually my body will adjust. And since I'm in a period of body flux I don't want to get my ring sized too small in case I get a little plumper.

I'm also finally getting some feedback from my parents who still think that I shouldn't be worrying about wedding planning, but nonetheless they're asking cousins and family about caterers and prices for me. Ultimately I want to have an American, non-denominational ceremony and then an Asian style reception. I want a little of each world because really...that's what Trevor and I are. Thus far, we think we'd like to get married on 9/13/08.

My parents are thinking cost at a totally different level than I am. Of course our side is going to pay for themselves pretty much with their cash gifts, but I'm not too concerned about Trevor's side having to be as generous as mine. I figure if we have a good enough registry that they'll be able to contribute in a different way.

So that's why I'm kind of pro-the idea of a vacation registry. Guests essentially sign up to pay for elements of a honeymoon instead of paying for toasters and cups. I think it's cute, and I know I'd rather buy a couple a massage on the beach than a serving platter since it seems much more personal. Trevor I think is okay with it, but tentative since he'd rather receive something of use, like money towards a home. I've yet to find a registry that does that. lol

Kim's doing something this weekend so I'll probably take a weekend off from wedding related worry, otherwise known as wedding planning. I really don't like it. I'd much rather just have a nice place all set up and ready and not have to worry about this stuff. Particularly since it's so far off and I can't wrap my head around it. If it's a choice between having a cheaper wedding that I have to micromanage or having a more expensive wedding that someone else will micromanage...I'm all about the second option as long as it's not totally outrageous. My problem is that, it is in fact totally outrageous. The notion of paying $30,000 on a wedding is preposterous to me. I could make one heck of a down payment on a home if I had that kind of money available and I'm not about to fritter away all my savings on a party. I'm not poor by any means, but I think it's an un-economical choice to make since you're basically beginning your life together in the hole since you're in debt for thousands of dollars. Plus I'd like to have a honeymoon instead of funneling all my effort into just the wedding day.

Clearly the wedding is important, but having already lived with my fiancee, I know that not a lot will change after we get married apart from my last name. And even that, I'm not terribly excited about since Trevor's last name is a little plain. I'm thinking about hyphenating but our names sound weird together. lol

We looked at wedding bands yesterday. We won't have matching ones since Trevor is suddenly into the idea of a titanium ring and clearly I'd rather have a ring that matches my engagement ring. But in any case, Trevor wanted to just buy them yesterday but I wasn't so into it. Partially because they'll just sit in a box for over a year. The other part being that if my money sits in a bank it's at least making interest over the course of a year, while a ring does not. I saw a ring that really flattered me and my engagement ring, but I'm tentative about spending over a grand right now. Trevor was fine with it...but then again, his ring isn't even 50% of the cost of mine since it's not considered a precious metal so why would he worry about buying it now versus 6 months from now?

In work related news, and I never talk about work since it's usually not of any interest to anybody I have another interview type meeting Monday. It's my third for the same job and the HR person says that it's very likely to work out so, it could be a very good change for me. It's been a while since I've been thoroughly excited about work.

In food related news, I'm trying out a Key Lime Pie Ice Cream recipe. So far the mix tastes great, but I'm missing 1 ingredient that I'll pick up after work. The cream puffs were a big hit. I didn't make my own handmade filling and just opted to use pudding mix, but it still ended up very nice because I substituted out milk for light cream in the filling and it made it just that much more rich than regular pudding would have been. Trevor and I ate every last puff within about 4 days. It's so easy to make too, but it looks really much more fancy than it is. I'll have to remember to make them around the holidays. I always like individual sized desserts, they're just so cute firstly and then they're easier to portion control.

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