Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Invitations

Ring is back and it fits! Yay!

We went to the local Gem Jewelry instead of the people Trevor got the ring from because they're in town. Also, the other folks said it'd take 10-15 days to get my ring sized. How ridiculous is that? It cannot possibly take anywhere near that long to get a ring sized. Gem Jewelry did it in less than one day and they said it'd usually take only three hours if it was a half size difference, but since it was a little more it'd take time to get the stones tightened after the sizing.

Trevor also wants to get our bands there. I'm okay with that since they're so nice.

I also found some invitations that I liked a lot. The overall style is simple and colorful but it has an interesting detail. Plus it's green, so it'll coordinate with the wedding.

Wedding bands: check.
Invitation style: check.
Color scheme for wedding: check.
Bridesmaids dresses: check.
Attendant Gifts: check.
Wedding favor ideas: check.

We just need a place to get married and a caterer. Mom has yet to get back to me with any solid numbers so I have no idea about caterer yet. Trevor and I have been throwing around the idea of renting a nice big roomy house and having a backyard wedding. If we had a backyard suitable for having 100 people in it, that'd be more convenient but since we live in apartment we don't have that luxury. Just renting a facility to have a wedding can run upwards of $3,000, not including any catering.

Golf courses have nice wedding friendly facilities (clearly they have a lot of greenery and water traps for photo sessions) but they also have relatively limited menu selections. On the plus side, they often include open bar in their packages and have more affordable prices than reception halls.

Big chain hotels have good per person rates too, and include open bar but the facilities can be a little sterile. I wouldn't necessarily want to get married there but they're good for receptions. They have more of a selection of food since their in house restaurants/caterers have some more capacity. Smaller hotels and inns are adorable, but the ones that regularly do weddings know it and they run around $100 per guest with an additional 18% service fee and state tax tacked's easily one of the most expensive options apart from a seaside wedding.

I'm a tad tired of wedding planning. I have everything except the "Big" stuff planned out and it's frustrating because that's the stuff that really matters. I can only buy the other stuff AFTER I get the hall reserved and the caterer settled.

We're also leaning towards doing a cruise for our honeymoon since knowing Trevor he'll get antsy staying in once place and at least with the cruise they'll drop us at different ports and we can eat to our heart's content on the ship, much like an all inclusive resort.

The Key Lime Pie Ice Cream was pretty good, but I think if I make it again I'll have to use graham cracker crust instead of just plain crackers since they don't taste the same. It's a little too plain for me. I used Honey Graham crackers though maybe if you used flavored ones it'd be better. Trevor's not a big lime fan so I'm pretty much eating the whole thing on my own. I'd rather have a dessert that we can both enjoy, but maybe if I'm making it for others it would be good. It's like a creamier, richer lime sherbet. And the crunchy bits are always a nice surprise though it doesn't firm up the way I'm used to. It takes about 35 minutes in my ice cream maker and it's almost like a milkshake consistency but it won't get any thicker. You just have to trust that it'll firm up in the freezer, which it does.

Well, Trevor and I are going out with Kim and Mat in a little bit so I gotta run.