Thursday, June 21, 2007

Kim's Breakup

I'm a little sad that my best friend Kim has broken up with her boyfriend of three years.

I secretly hope they get back together, but part of me has known that they just weren't on the same page about a lot of "big stuff" like moving in together, getting married, money...etc. And you can work by a lot of dissimilarities but those are pretty essential ones for a long term relationship to prosper.

We just got back from having some Indian food with her at The Garden in Agawam, MA. They have great Indian food; some of the best I've had, plus it's a nice warm environment. I think it was nice for us (and Trevor) to relax and chat. We talked about her breakup a little bit, but honestly for a person who just broke up she seemed pretty together.

The last time I had a breakup with someone I had been together with for over a year I was in a catatonic state for a week, I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep...I cried all the time. I was basically a mess and though I don't look back on it with a ton of pride it was a good for me to get that frustration out.

I invited Kim over tomorrow evening for some baking-palooza. Since I promised to bake for my Engagement party I figure I should do it Friday so I don't have to rush around Saturday morning and it's always bonding to bake. It's a girl thing. Mini Cheesecakes and Fruit Trifle are on the menu. Though I need to run to the store tomorrow to stock up on supplies, ie: milk and eggs.

I had a doctor's appointment today. Nothing too spectacular to share about that other than the fact I got weighed in and I'm at least 7lbs lighter than I was this same time last year! Just goes to show how heavy I was last year. lol