MySpace? The Hell you say

I finally did it.

I broke down and set up a MySpace account.

Mind you, I'm the last person on earth not to have one and even movies and inanimate creatures have MySpace accounts so I'm way behind the curve. But I figure it's a good way to spread the good word about my engagement, and it seems as though none of my friends are ever on AIM anymore in favor of messaging one another over Myspace.

I don't really "get it" right now. The format is obnoxious and confusing to me, with too many banners and advertisements. I much prefer blogging here. But Trevor helped me change some of the settings thankfully. I think I would have been clicking around in circles for hours otherwise.

I had a drink and snack with Kim and Mat at our local TGIFridays. Trevor and Mat talked guy stuff and Kim and I talked wedding stuff. Overall I think it was fun, though Kim and Trevor clearly do not agree about wedding planning and the related costs.

Trevor is of the mind that everything is way overpriced and we're getting hosed planning our wedding because the entire industry is crooked. Kim also agrees it's expensive but having worked at some banquet halls in her day she still believes that they offer you a lot of good service for that cost. Otherwise you'd just have to do a lot of things yourself and really, do you want to micromanage on the day of your wedding or do you want to sit back and enjoy it?

I think I'm of the mindset inbetween those two. I'd really rather NOT pay an arm and a leg, but I understand that it's a choice of either A.) my sanity or B.) paying a lot of money to have someone else do it. If I have the money to do it, I'd always choose having someone else taking on the stress, but I don't live in a world of unlimited resources.

Kim also suggested postponing the wedding another year to have more money to play around with; but that's totally unlikely in my case. If I could have been married yesterday I would have. I can't imagine waiting a whole extra year in addition to what we're already planning on. To me, having the party of the year isn't as important as being married in the first place. I'm just trying to get married...the wedding planning part of it is just all part of the package to appease my parents.

I'm a relatively crafty person. And I can enlist the help of some of my more artsy friends if necessary. Anything that my local craft store can supply, I can imagine doing myself. I wrap all the presents at Christmas with ribbon and curls to coordinate with the gift wrap; the little details are things I actually enjoy taking care of.

Deep down inside many of us want to be the next Martha Stewart; we just haven't broken down and bought our first glue gun yet.

I figure it's been a few years since my art class days, but that it'll all come back to me. I do ultimately enjoy getting my hands dirty and making something beautiful out of something seemingly ordinary.

In work news, I had my interview today. This one being with a different manager under the same department as my first two interviews. It's almost as though they like me but don't know where I'd fit. lol I though it went well but it's hard to tell when you're not privy to what the other interviewees are saying. A decision is supposed to be reached on Thursday which of course seems like like an eternity away when you're waiting for news. In the meantime I'm trying to do my own work because I'm woefully behind between playing catch-up after vacation and then having stupidly volunteered my assistance with 2 new hire sessions, which eats up basically an entire day per session and I get nothing of my own work done. (sigh) It's my own fault for wanting to be so helpful. Now I'm done boring you with work stuff....seriously.

I've been avoiding my parents recently because my mom is throwing us an engagement party I don't want to go to. (sigh) All I really want from them is a guest list, but for whatever reason they haven't been at all helpful with that. The engagement party is king right now...God only knows why since it's probably the last thing on my list. If nothing else I can talk my cousins up about wedding planning and maybe solicit some recommendations.

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