Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Oyama Restaurant Enfield CT

Oyama Japanese Restaurant in Enfield CT: 2 Stars (at least for the sushi)

This new establishment is actually a split restaurant, part seafood restaurant (Jason's) and part Japanese with hibachi grills. Again, I only had the sushi so my review is solely a result of the fish being lackluster, the spicy rolls having far and away too much scallion (what the heck is scallion doing in a spicy tuna roll?) and the rolls themselves being teeny tiny. I haven't tried the hibachi items at all, but if their seafood restaurant items are as bad as the sushi fish then I don't look forward to trying it.

Apart from the uninspiring sushi, the decor is sparse at best and even though it's two restaurants, there's no separation between the two and it ends up looking like a vacuous cavern. It's not a place to impress a date for sure. But Trevor and I are sushi addicts and figured that it was worth a shot to try it, sadly it's so bad it's not worth trying again. Maybe the hibachi will be more noteworthy, but I somehow find that doubtful.