Saturday, December 15, 2007

Party Dress....Excell-ent!

If you can't tell by my masterful spelling up there, my title is meant to be pronounced a la Wayne's World's cliche "Party time! Excell-ent!"I've been sort of hush-hush about my whole wedding planning thing. To be fair, I haven't done very much recently because I've been much more concerned about the holidays and because I'm almost at the point where I want to get married tomorrow just to get it over with. lol

But, Liza, Trevor's mother and my soon to be mother-in-law, bought me a little black party dress as a late birthday gift. Unfortunately for me it was a bit too large for my willowy frame and they had no similar dresses at my local mall for me to exchange it for. But I had Friday off and spent it with my parents shopping, so with a bit of help from my mom, I found a replacement dress.

Now, I don't find little party dresses to be a particularly good investment since I usually only ever wear them one time, but I imagine that I'll need to arm myself with many a fancy dress as my wedding gets closer and I want to look my best for the forthcoming showers, bachelorette outings, and rehearsal dinner...etc. I am nothing if not overly prepared for special occasions. In normal life I'm okay with pulling together any old thing, but for holidays, weddings, birthdays, and anything I consider an "occasion" I think it's important to look your best. I don't think it's imperative to break the bank but any occasion where people think it's be a good idea to take pictures for posterity warrants at least an extra bit of lip gloss.

I really still have my heart set on a steel gray dress because I think that's the new hotness. Grey is the new black.

Today I braved the mini mall to pick up a few small presents because after asking around it sounded like everyone was buying everyone else at least a little something, even if they didn't pull that person's name. Personally I thought the entire purpose of drawing names was to avoid having to buy a million gifts, but I don't want to be the odd man out so I went out into the world to find some small "I didn't forget you" gifts.

In the off chance anyone I purchased gifts for will be reading this I'll refrain from any gift related details, but Kohls was a mad house with the line wrapping around the store for check out. Some minivan thing hit some other person's Civic backing out of their spot so there was glass on the ground and the Civic's passenger side back door was all pressed in. And the giant mounds of snow certainly didn't help visibility any. So after that I ran to the strip mall for a few small, stocking stuffer type gifts and then I rolled around the parking lot very slowly trying to find a spot near the Linens 'n Things because my dad specifically asked for a gift that I knew they sold there. After that I was no longer interested in shopping and just came home. I wanted to go to the mall, but after experiencing more frustration than I'm apt to, it was time to call it a day and just get off the roads because everything everywhere was congested with people trying to finish their Christmas shopping too.

I did however remember to fill up my gas tank because, of course, it will be inclement weather again tomorrow. The forecast calls for snow and sleet and is probably half the reason it was so horrific out shopping today; everyone's trying to squeeze it in before getting snowed in. As such I have no plans except to do laundry and wrap presents tomorrow. I think we have more than enough food to last us and while I haven't been told I need to bring anything for Christmas, I usually make a tiramisu and I have all the appropriate ingredients in case the need arise. Otherwise I'm obliged to make my mom my cranberry biscotti, because she loves them and it seems the older I get the less apt she'll be to bake things on her own because she'll know I'll do it for her. lol

There's only 10 days left until Christmas!