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Hair, beautiful hair

I don't consider myself to be much of a hair person. I have some. That's pretty much the extent of my overall excitement regarding hair. I'm not the kind of person who has a standing appointment at her local salon. I don't color my hair. I certainly don't blow dry or flat iron it unless it's a special occasion. I'm generally very low maintenance and that's fine by me because I'm not the kind of person who wakes up an hour early just to pretty up for work.

Now, this lack of hair related appreciation is coming back to get me because I do not have a regular stylist to take me in and coddle my needs on my wedding day. I'm getting married on what is typically considered a salon worker's day of rest and I've been having some issues finding a place that's open. I'm not asking for really meticulously molded, curled, braided hair; it's not my style to be that overly made up anyhow. That's not the kind of tone I want to set …

In the words of Weird Al, "Just Eat It"

I feel better now that some time has passed. I have an unusually low tolerance for picky eating. I'm not irrational; I know people simply don't like certain foods and that's their preference but I think it's rude to question someone's choices when you know they must have thought long (almost a year) and hard over which entrees to select. I wouldn't ever come to your house after you invited me to dinner only to whine and moan how I don't eat goat. (Though I totally would; how exciting would that be to try?!)

The fact is that Trevor and I knew that there would be some backlash but hoped that people would have some tact and keep it to themselves instead of acting like bratty children. I think it's different if you actually tried it first and then formed an opinion about it but it's prejudiced to just preemptively complain about something just because you think it's weird. Usually I'm very sensitive to people's likes and dislikes but wh…


Even though I've already addressed it earlier I have no patience whatsoever for anyone who wants to be negative about the entree selection.

And yes apparently people want to make me feel bad and make my stress level that much worse because they're not empathetic in the slightest bit to the fact that it's hard to pull this kind of event together.

If you're not going to be constructive I don't really want to hear about why you don't like the things I've worked so hard on for the better part of a year. Do you want me to berate the things that matter to you too?

In any case, I took the day off from work today. And tomorrow. I needed a break because I felt my head was going to explode. Apparently I had at least a little foresight to give myself a break because I've been emotionally, physically and financially stretched thin. As a result I'm overly sensitive.

I'm so not in the mood to talk about anything because I'm too miffed.

Wedding and Registration, ma'am

Jenny's wedding was today. I bought her present Thursday so you can imagine how "out of the blue" it felt to me even though I knew it was coming.

I must be acting like a chicken with her head cut off or something.

I wanted to get 'em something "good" but even after weeks and weeks and weeks of thinking about it I still ran into a brick wall so I settled for simply buying off registry. After all, that's the reason why it's there; to make people's lives easier when you just don't know what they'd like. If they shot their registry gun at it one can only hope they'd like it.

Waking up early was the worst part of it. Not that we got stuck in traffic. Not even that it was all that bad outside...just that it was way too early for any of our liking. We had to be down in the 203 in time to pick up Emily and still get to the 10am wedding at a church I've never been to and when you're used to waking up at around 10am on a normal Satu…

The Jury is out

So Jury duty was a very long day. They didn't pick me so luckily I had some time on my hands to get some random grocery shopping done. The major Asian grocery store I'm familiar with is unfortunately a bit of a hike from my home so I rarely go but since I was already in Hartford it was very close. Where else can you get a gallon sized jug of my favorite Chinese Soy Sauce and and aisles of difficult to read food labels?

In any case we looked at 3 houses this week. The ones in Manchester were...ugh...dumps. The Windsor house though was lovely...and of course the most expensive. But on the bright side it's in a very cute area and while there's not a lot of land the house is very large and seemingly well kept up. We've seen a lot of really disgusting houses. I can't begin to express how unkempt people allow their houses to become.

So if all goes according to plan we'll have a house by the time the wedding rolls around.

And yes I am aware that sounds like…

Sea Cucumber, anyone?

I'm pretty done trying to register. The more I look for stuff the less I want any of it. It's fun at first but it's like eating a whole pie. The first piece is great but regardless of how much you like pie you're pretty burned out by the last bite.

Because I have a tendency to rub people the wrong way I'll preface this entire entry by saying I register because I know it makes the lives of my guests that much easier and it allows me the luxury of having a (small) say in what gifts people choose to get me.

Having said that, I'd prefer wedding gifts that both Trevor & I can enjoy equally. After all, we're both getting married...not just me. I am however quite excited about shower gifts that I can be happy utilizing ;)

Of course I like all the things I registered for and hope that I get at least one of the pretty things I aimed my little registry gun at, but the equitable part of me knows that Trevor doesn't give half a hoot about fancy cast iron pot…