Sea Cucumber, anyone?

I'm pretty done trying to register. The more I look for stuff the less I want any of it. It's fun at first but it's like eating a whole pie. The first piece is great but regardless of how much you like pie you're pretty burned out by the last bite.

Because I have a tendency to rub people the wrong way I'll preface this entire entry by saying I register because I know it makes the lives of my guests that much easier and it allows me the luxury of having a (small) say in what gifts people choose to get me.

Having said that, I'd prefer wedding gifts that both Trevor & I can enjoy equally. After all, we're both getting married...not just me. I am however quite excited about shower gifts that I can be happy utilizing ;)

Of course I like all the things I registered for and hope that I get at least one of the pretty things I aimed my little registry gun at, but the equitable part of me knows that Trevor doesn't give half a hoot about fancy cast iron pots or food processors. I'm sure he likes the end product of the foods that get produced but he gets fed just fine now with my inexpensive pots and pans.

I have my dress fitting around the 24th of this month. I also have Jenny's wedding on the 19th so a good number of things will be keeping me busy in the upcoming weeks. Did I also mention I received a summons for jury duty? No fun at all but I figure I should just bite the bullet and do it. I don't think there's any point to deferring it because I'll come up with a laundry list of excuses why I can't do it 10 months from now.

Tons of more reply cards came in. Not all of them yet; even my parents haven't sent theirs in yet and I would hope that they know they're expected to come. I think they're trying to figure out which entrees they want. I didn't intend to pick entrees that confused people but I hope that people ultimately understand that even if you don't like a single option that you'd manage to try and open up your mind to a new experience. You can have a cheeseburger on your own time, on my time you should take a bite of something fun.

It could be me. I wasn't particularly a fan of the sea cucumber at past weddings I've been to. And in spite of it's name is not a vegetable; it is in fact a large slug-like bottom-feeder that lives in the sea. I don't even remember it tasting bitter, sour or generally bad; it's just a very odd looking dish with a very slippery slidey texture. You never know, perhaps if I had it now I'd love it. It definitely takes a couple of attempts before I know if I truly do not like a food item or if I was just turned off by how it looked/smelled. Or perhaps it was knowing that sea cucumbers breathe through their rear ends that made them seem like a generally unusual creature.

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